Things you've done with you kit when bored?

I was a tad bored today and job hunting was getting me a little down. So got protools up and running, got my mic out and basicaly started recording myself doing sill voices etc, ok I'm not James Arnold Taylor I'm not but it was bloody fun. Of course it didn't end there I started messing about with in pro tools, adding music, even did my own
GTA style spoof tv trailer. I did cheer me up and did give me a chance in a way to keep my pro tools skills up.

But have you any of you lot done anything like that or something similar to kill boredom?

It's always nice to take a day out from time to time to just experiment (I wish I had more time for it, really).

I love setting up the Theremin and using it as a control signal (it can be very expressive)--running it through different plug-ins, effects boxes, etc. and seeing what comes out the other end. Same thing with other stuff from the library, ie 'what happens if I put rocks through this and then chain it to that and blah blah blah, what about crowds through the same thing.'

I figured out a great way to make spider vocals once doing that. I've also gotten some great magic sounds, good environmental beds, and loads of other stuff. Just make sure you're set up to easily hit the 'record' button.

Funny, when I've got downtime, I pull out the mop and clean the studio. Ah! No wonder it's always a friggin' mess in here!

Hi Ross yeah in spare time i do simaler stuff , recently found an amazin animated sci fi thingy ,that i did a 5.1 sound design job on.It's good to fiddle and experiment ,magic happens!