It's funny how we see/hear things differently in the world

I'm in the bedroom getting our 1 year old ready for a nap. My wife is in the kitchen getting a bottle of milk ready for him. Well, we have this big, glass jar thing that holds about 100 teabags, and my wife accidentally knocked it over, and it shattered on the floor. I quickly make my way to the kitchen..not to see if anyone is ok, but to say, "that was quite possibly one of the best sounding glass smashes I've heard in a while".

Dave Fiske

I had the same thing the other day
. I was taking out the studio recycling before a session when a glass bottle slipped out of the bucket and broke on impact with the concrete. I didn't think for a second about the clean-up I'd have to do, but how great the sound of a Mexican Coke bottle break is!

Jory Prum

We live on a pretty busy street
, and late in the night on fridays and saturdays there are lots of close calls with people driving poorly. We'll hear at least 3 or 4 fantastic skids. Luckily, I've never heard a crash. I've been meaning to get out there with a 722 and a stereo mic setup and record this stuff.

Dave Fiske

I dropped a glas of juice once, my first thought being not about the sound but: apple-z

Funny how the machines we work on tend to influence the way we think...
Christian Conrad

I had a friend of the family
come by one day and decided to oil all the hinges in the kitchen.
- I almost killed her.
Not only had she just killed a great collection of squeaks, but lying in the bed room, I could tell "which" cabinet the kids were in and know if speed was needed to protect good stuff or just to expect a few bangs from old pots.

Yeah, I knew each door by it's unique squeak.

Henry Howard

I live in a rather low class neighbourhood
in an apartment with thin walls. My old neighbour had a completely crazy girlfriend. She screamed at him constantly from the early morning to late night. There were regular fighting and yelling with many objects thrown across the room smashing at the walls. It went on for about 2 months at all hours.

In all this time I was torn between the annoyance of losing my sleep and the fascination of the sounds they could make. It was as if there was a genuine crime in progress, and some one was beeing brutally murdered. But that was never the case because after a while the fightings would start again.

(To those who would critizice me for not reporting wifebeating and abuse, I can only say it sounded like SHE was the angry one bringing on all the fighting and HE was living there. So I suppose there was a kind of common voluntary understanding here.)

In fact I decided to record them so I had some sounds of domestic disturbance. But at I had to loan a high quality recorder from my workplace. When I came around to bring one home, it was was all quite and peaceful for weeks. When I finally returned the recorder back, she moved back in and the fightings took on again. I would bring the recorder back home and again it was all peaceful etc.etc. Now I have a new more docile neighbour and I never got the old ones on tape, shame!

Peter Henningsen

I am immediately put in mind of the underground classic 'Shut Up Little Man,' unauthorized recordings made by someone in the lower Haight (as I recall) here in San Francisco of the deeply dysfunctional relationship between his substance abusing neighbors. >> Shut up, Little Man!
My copy of the original pressing of this CD has long since passed into other
hands, but hmmm I see they are still for sale...

Aaron Xim

You can buy Shut up, Little Man! at Amazon

In my apartment there is this enormously
old, huge, power consuming fridge that, once it starts running, rattles pretty heavy; and when it switches of, the whole fridge and everything inside and on top of it is shaking.

I disliked the fridge from day one when I moved in, because it is really really really loud persistent and annoying.

Eventually there came along this one post production where for one of the locations a fridge like mine was even in the picture. So I recorded my fridge extensively and spent quite some "active listening time" with editing these sounds.

After all this time with my fridge rattling in the edit suit and on the mixing stage, by now at home he became like a good old friend. When he starts, I smile and think "there you go baby, you just say what you have to say" and I'm sure to be sad when he breaks down and we get a new one..

- mind that over times, the fridge turned from "it" to "he" ;)

Johanna Herr

After many a long work day and night I have actually tried to apple z my alarm clock, (no joke) and I even apple s'd a radio station I had stumbled onto while driving.. Strange people we are..

A friend told me the story of standing in front of the fridge at her parent's place, asking her mom under which directory she saved the blue cheese...


In 1979 I did a temp job moving
a music store to a new location. The owner thought that he could use a powered hand truck all by himself to move a piano down a flight of stairs. He lost control of it. I wish that I had been able to record the sound of a $5,000 upright piano tumbling down the stairs, hitting the upright beam at the bottom of the stairs and being dashed to a thousand pieces!

Uncle Bob

I find myself looking for red squiggles under my handwritten text to ensure I didn't make any spelling mistakes. :-) Seriously.

Jory K. Prum

I had a similar situation in college.
I was in the percussion department, and we were moving a large, very expensive marimba down some stairs. The guys on the bottom end lost their grip, and it went crashing down. It sounded SO cool, but got is in SO much trouble. The good thing after that was, I never had to move a marimba again.

Dave Fiske